A blended education program designed by Springer Healthcare IME, in collaboration with Dr Paul Cornes and Dr Michael Muenzberg, for all medical oncologists, specialist nurses and allied healthcare professionals (HCPs) working with patients for whom biosimilars may represent a treatment option.

Despite their promise, the uptake, and therefore benefits, of biosimilars in oncology has been slower than expected. A key barrier to their uptake is healthcare professional unfamiliarity with the  concept of biosimilarity. Despite an increase in medical education, there are several clinical and non-clinical factors that contribute to a lack of confidence among HCPs.

This program aims to provide you with a better understanding of the biosimilar development process and extrapolation of indications concept, and to help improve your confidence in prescribing biosimilars to your patients. Our goal is to focus on the key issues from your point of view in order to support you in resolving and overcoming these barriers.

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